Barras de Dulce 100.100

Barras de Dulce – (engl. Candy Cane) is a series that I created after my stay in March 2019 in Cuba. The series is inspired by the phrase „la dolce vita“ – „the sweet life“. Because even if we are not always free of social norms or external circumstances, we have the right to always feel free. We are allowed to create our own places of freedom and so I do as often as I can. 

The pieces are created in the typical vibrant colors that are present everywhere in Cuba and sold in small series three. Each painting is an original artwork from a series of 100 paintings in total. Acrylic on wood, hand signed on the back.

Find them here.

Abstract paintings 10×15 cm

The series La Línea is a series of 33 Paintings with the size of 10×15 cm. The colors are an interpretation of the colors of Cuban facades that already fascinated me on my first visit, as they are in many ways very similar to the colors of the seven human energy fields. For many of us they are not even noticable, but when activated, we feel powerful and stable. When I first visited Cuba, I left Germany stressed and empty and I felt like a sponge absorbing all the life-enriched atmosphere of Havanas steets that strengthened myself, and more and more I started trusting my intuition again and felt happier than ever. 

With the series La Línea I wanted to give the feelings that I had in Cuba back to people in Germany, to create something that would also fill their lives with life-enriched atmosphere. The series was created in a process in which I completely relied on the intuition during the painting process and focused my thoughts on the time in Cuba that manifests in different color tones and compositions. …see more


There are now 4 beautiful postcards of the painting series Parpadear 72.72 updated in my shop.

Find the originals here.

Overpainted Photographs

„While Cubans in the light overpaint fragile areas in the facades – I paint fragile areas on the facade to preserve the light“

„Pintamos Fachadas“ is a Series of 428 original overpainted photographs. The photographs are all snapshots taken in Havana and were chosen by their ability to express an fast changing moment. 

Like a melody, the brush dances in harmony over the photo. The brushstroke becomes a snapshot that stands out from the visible and describes the invisible. Not legible with the mind and clearly understandable for the heart. A concentration on the ascending feeling verbalized, like a lettering, in one motion. See more…


Giclée fine art prints available in three different sizes. Limited edition prints that come signed and numbered.

„Horizon – line in the distance where the sky and the earth seem to be touching“.

The earth – called home by us so naturally; but in infinity, our lives touch it only seemingly – like the hint of a moment of a constant-changing light.

Youre my mother Im the sky is a series of 12 digital collages available in three different sizes with photographs of cuban light atmospheres of nature. Different atmospheres are combined and devided in earth and sky but the color is like in natural appearance and not changed digitally. Every piece has a limited edition and comes signed and numbered. …See more

About me

My Name is Mona Schaffer – a passionate creator from Germany creating energetic vibrant art that lets you connect to your emotions, dreams and memories.

I was born in a family of artists, in a home that was filled with artwork that reached deep into your soul, creative energy and beautiful color and material combinations that led you dream away.

I still think that especially the house I grew up empowered me …read more

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